$750,000: reported Vanderbilt settlement with family of patient killed by RaDonda Vaught

75-year-old Charlene Murphey died at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in 2017 after being injected with the wrong drug. Murphey was supposed to receive a dose of Versed, a sedative, but was instead injected with vecuronium, a drug used in lethal injections, which left her unable to breathe or move. A single nurse, RaDonda Vaught, has been found liable for her death by administering the medication after ignoring all safeguards. Long before that guilty verdict, Vanderbilt Medical Center quietly settled with Murphey’s family for the loss of her life.

Despite the confidential terms of the settlement, which was reached prior to a suit being filed, sources familiar with the case now confirm a reported sum of $750,000 was settled upon with the family, who was represented by Attorney Joe Bednarz —who has represented over two dozen clients in lawsuits against Vanderbilt University Medical Center in recent years.

RaDonda Vaught is scheduled to be sentenced Friday, May 13th.

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