The Glen Casada Divorce Filings – Here’s the details

Here are the filings in the 2018 divorce of Glen Casada (Jill Elizabeth Casada vs Richard Glen Casada Jr.), received from Williamson County today. Casada described himself on social media as a “Proud Christian family man, TN State House Speaker, honored to represent the people of District 63 in Williamson County as an unapologetic Republican!”

The files are in multiple PDFS, as below, or here: Part I, Part II. The files are around 6MB each, so allow time for them to load to view.

Glen Casada (born August 2, 1959) is a Republican member of the Tennessee House of Representatives, where he represents District 63 (Williamson County, Tennessee). He is the current Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives[2]. He was sworn in to his role as Speaker in January 2019. Casada was previously the Majority Leader of the Tennessee House of Representatives.

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